Disposition management system reduces inventories and increases delivery readiness

Version 4.1 of the Diskover scheduling management system also supports the design of hazardous goods warehouses. It is based on the storage class rules for the mixed storage of chemicals issued by the German Chemical Industry Association (VCI).

In addition, it can be extended to MRP rules for article groups or for individual articles using individual warehouse class extensions. According to the manufacturer, Diskover enables users to achieve two actually contradictory goals: increasing the degree of delivery readiness and reducing stock levels at the same time. In addition to greater legal certainty and risk avoidance, the program creates additional liquidity through lower inventory and warehousing costs. Its use is worthwhile from an average stock level of 5 to 10 million DM. Diskover is compatible with SAP and all common ERP systems. PPS and WW systems. It is programmed in C++ and runs as a client on all Windows platforms. The central database server – for example Oracle or MS-SQL – communicates with the leading ERP system via a standardized interface. The minimum requirements for the system are a Pentium III processor, 100 MB memory for the client and 2 GB free memory on the server.

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