DISKOVER Dashboard brings light into the darkness

Do you know the status of your supply chain?

Do you have up-to-date, meaningful key figures? Many of you will now answer “yes”, as a lot has already been done to measure the performance of logistics processes. But what about the connection within the supply chain? If there is a problem at one stage in the overall process, the cause of the problem cannot yet be identified on the basis of the relevant key figures or KPIs (key performance indicators). But how do you find them? This also requires the corresponding key figures for the chain links before and after.

How can this be represented?

A simple example: the delivery readiness of a product group suffers. This could be due to the poor result of the final assembly, which has the problem that important components are missing. These, in turn, are sourced from a supplier who has great difficulty in delivering the ordered materials on time.

Disposition is changing due to increasing digitalization!

With the new DISKOVER Dashboard, we have now set out to present these relationships as transparently and comprehensibly as possible. One challenge here is the representation of the network structure from the supplier to the customer. Another is the clear presentation of the KPIs, which should not end up in another number graveyard. The third challenge is the high degree of flexibility required to be able to generate any key figures using powerful algorithms and retrieve them at will.

The first, very promising solutions are being developed in pilot projects.

With the help of alerts that indicate when signal limits are exceeded, the user quickly recognizes where the problem is and where the cause lies. Within a short space of time, you can discuss solutions with the right colleagues and employees, where you would otherwise have to spend days analyzing the causes first.

Good prospects for scheduling 4.0

The new DISKOVER Dashboard is another important building block for our key topic of scheduling 4.0! Let’s go for it!

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