Faster delivery times with reduced inventories

Artificial intelligence can lead to faster and better results in the increasingly complex decision-making scenarios of supply chain management. An important use case is scheduling tasks such as optimizing delivery readiness with reduced inventories.

High delivery capability of own stock-keeping units (SKUs) is key to the competitiveness of trading companies and stock-keeping manufacturers. However, it often comes at the price of high inventories, which ties up liquidity and entails the risk of being left with unsaleable stock. Supply chain management and sales occasionally try to avoid this dilemma by specifying different levels of delivery readiness for different fields in the product range, which most ERP systems can then use to calculate the required safety stock.

You can find the full article on the website of the magazine Beschaffung aktuell:

Picture of Prof. Dr. Andreas Kemmner

Prof. Dr. Andreas Kemmner

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