Service level booster: higher delivery readiness with reduced inventories

SCT GmbH, a member of the Abels&Kemmner Group, presents the new Service Level Booster, a software tool that uses artificial intelligence to determine what needs to be stocked in the dispatch warehouse in order to always deliver to customers on time.

The Service Level Booster optimizes the required safety stock levels for goods in stock to ensure higher delivery readiness at the lowest possible cost. Its objective is to achieve the level of delivery readiness that can be set to meet demand with the lowest possible inventory values. Companies already optimized with conventional scheduling systems can reduce their stocks by a further 3 to 4 percent. This means that 30 to 40 thousand euros can be saved per million euros of finished goods inventory. The benefits are even clearer for companies whose scheduling management has not yet been automated. The use of the tool is equally interesting for medium-sized industrial companies with warehouse production and trading companies and, with long-term costs of around 4000 euros per year, pays for itself in the month of installation, frees up significantly more capital and also ensures significantly more satisfied customers by increasing delivery readiness.

You can find the full article in issue 41/2021 of Markt & Technik on page SQ12 or online at:

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Prof. Dr. Andreas Kemmner

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