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How can you raise your service levels?



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High service levels secure your earnings, but can cost a lot of money if paid for with excess inventories. We help you raise your service levels cost-effectively and ensure they remain at this level in the long run by using AI-supported systems.

As a quick approach, our Service Level Booster has proven its worth. If you want us to go into more detail, we recommend our simulation-supported situation analysis. Here, we uncover the critical points for increasing service levels in your value stream and planning processes, calculate the effectiveness of various measures and thus identify the economically viable strategies.

Abels & Kemmner supports leading companies to optimally define their service levels!

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Increase the overall service level of your product portfolio using AI

Features of the Service Level Booster:

  • For the first time, you can specify one target value for your overall service level
  • The required safety stock is reduced to the necessary minimum
  • Any portfolio segmentation is possible

Our AI-application detects a solution in around 90 seconds

Would you like to distribute the service levels in your product portfolio so that you achieve the desired product availability with the lowest possible inventories?

This task cannot be solved with classical approaches. To find a feasible solution, typically more than 1089 calculations would have to be performed. With AI-supported optimization algorithms, our SERVICE LEVEL BOOSTER, a module of our high performance simulation solution, solves this challenge for you.

Our Service Level Booster delivers the results as individual service levels for the specified portfolio segments , which you can transfer to your ERP system as a default value. The required input data is easy to provide.

Service Level Booster | Abels & Kemmner


  • Select the desired overall service level
  • Test of the method

799,- £


The price will be credited to you when switching to BOOST

VAT not included


  • Boost the overall service level to the desired target level
  • Refresh the individual service levels within the first year

399,- £


Minimum term 12 months

One-time onboarding 3.000,- £

VAT not included


  • Refresh the service level setup by readjusting the individual service levels after the first year

299,- £


Minimum term 12 months

VAT not included


Lasting improvement of service levels throughout the supply chain

Service Level| Forecast | MRP-Parameters


Fabian Ossen

Supply Chain Manager Sihl GmbH

"The simulative analysis of our global value chain showed us the crucial starting points for improving our service levels and significantly reducing our inventories.

The fact that A&K also implemented and achieved the results together with us was a decisive factor for us."


Increasing product availability is a good start, but only the tip of the iceberg of supply chain optimization.

Achieving a cost-effective but high-performing supply chain requires the following steps.

service level booster | Abels & Kemmner

Using the data from your ERP system, we create a powerful digital twin of your value streams and planning processes. This enables us to

  • Develop approaches to raise service levels and specify reasonable safety stock levels
  • Compare possible future inventory management strategies and together with you optimize the most suitable one to your needs
  • Reduce the required effort for planners and schedulers to the necessary minimum

With the application of constraint analyses, we systematically uncover the root causes of unsatisfactory supply chains and planning processes, derive suitable improvement measures and help you implement them. Some examples of topics we often address:

  • Bottlenecks and missing parts
  • Reduction of lead times
  • Minimization of scrap rates
  • Increasing service levels
  • Supplier integration

We solve your challenges!

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Prof. Dr. Andreas Kemmner, CEO of Abels & Kemmner

Prof. Dr. Götz-Andreas Kemmner

managing partner

Prof. Dr. Kemmner has carried out well over 150 national and international projects in over 25 years of consulting work in supply chain management and reorganization.

In 2012, he was appointed honorary professor for logistics and supply chain management by WHZ.

The results of his projects have already received several awards.

Dr. Bernd Reineke, CEO Abels & Kemmner GmbH

Dr. Bernd Reineke

managing partner

Dr. Reineke graduated in mechanical engineering and was initially responsible for logistics, planning, scheduling, development, and IT in industry for 10 years.

Since then, he has been advising companies with a focus on SCM, production control, IT optimization and inventory management.

The results of his projects have already received several awards.

Dirk Ungerechts, CEO Abels & Kemmner SCE

Dirk Ungerechts, MSc.

managing partner

Dirk Ungerechts is responsible for business consulting at A&K Supply Chain Engineers.

He has many years of experience in supply chain management and mathematical optimization.

He specializes in the requirements of quantitative SCM optimization as well as dynamic simulation for agile and intelligent decision making.

Silvia Frankenne, Director arketing & Sales

Silvia Frankenne

Head of marketing & sales

Silvia Frankenne is a business economist and has many years of experience in a wide variety of industries as an independent entrepreneur, in management and executive management on a national as well as international level.

Her expertise lies not only in sales and marketing but also in the areas of restructuring and change management as well as the leadership of international teams.


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Abels & Kemmner brings the optimization potential of supply chains to light and replaces gut feelings with facts.

Thanks to our unique consulting approach, we help companies achieve sustainable concepts that we validate and optimize and implement in a secure and agile manner.


As a pioneer in logistics simulation and automation in supply chain management, we combine strategic and operational consulting with powerful digital methods.

A&K's customers include TOP100 performers of the German business from medium-sized businesses and large-scale industry. Supply chain concepts developed by A&K with its customers have won multiple best practice awards.


Top Consultant 2018

Among the best for years!

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