Supply Chain Analysis

by using simulation

By using empirical simulation, you uncover the potential of your supply chain management.

Simulate supply chain improvements

Empirical simulation has proven to be an excellent tool in identifying flaws in a supply chain and determining improvement strategies, as well as testing and optimizing them before implementation.

 By using empirical simulation, we uncover the potential of your supply chain and replace the fog of uncertainty with clear facts and quantified benefits:

supply chain optimization benefits | Abels & Kemmner


  • Discussions are made more objective
  • Decisions are simplified


  • Risks are avoided
  • Data errors are identified


  • Optimizations become quantifiable
  • Implementation is accelerated

Operational Scopes and Success Factors

Operational scopes and success factors are as diverse as the world of supply chain management.
Our mission is to take your supply chain management to the next level, holistically or regarding selected aspects.


  • Review and optimize logistics concept 
  • Check and develop agile logistics strategy
  • Increase quality of ERP planning and scheduling parameters 
  • Automate management of planning and scheduling parameters
  • Logistical positioning: balancing service levels, inventory and flexibility costs in production


  • Improve forecasts
  • Raise service levels
  • Implement safety stocks correctly
  • Reduce inventory levels in the short term and long term
  • Ensure quality of planning results independent of personnel

Smart data analytics thanks to Digital Twin

Typical problems to solve with simulation | Abels & Kemmner

Simulation necessary for RELIABLE SOLUTIONs

The interactions of






value streams

within the company and throughout the entire supply chain are so complex that simple static considerations are not enough - simulations are necessary for success.


We map your value streams and their planning and control processes in a Digital Twin and dive into the extensive empirical data ocean of your ERP system.

This enables us to empirically simulate the existing situation and a wide variety of changes in your inter- and intra-company supply chain to identify any need for action and optimize it in the digital sandbox:

Smart Data Analytics with tangible results.

SCM simulation results | Abels & Kemmner


Supply chain optimization
through simulation

Simulation is realistic yet cost-effective

The automotive industry has been relying on it for a long time:

Today, the cost-effective optimization of products and processes is most often achieved through simulation. Whereas vehicles used to undergo lengthy and labor-intensive improvements in expensive trials, in modern car development, care bodies are simply crashed in a computer simulation and optimized quickly and cost-effectively.

With the digital twin, we likewise simulate potentials within your ERP system.

Real Test Scenario

Experienced supply chain engineers analyze, simulate, evaluate, and optimize

Our experienced consultants ensure the quality of the logistical analyses and concepts that we use. Before startung our simulations, we look at your company and processes to tailor our approach to your needs. Of course, we are also ready to put our discoveries into practice. Depending on our customers' initial situation, objectives and concerns, the optimization levers we uncover and implement together vary.  Some topics we regularly work on with our clients are for example:

  • Inventory reduction in warehouse and production
  • Yield increase and improvement of service levels
  • Saving of scrapping costs
  • Reduction of contractual penalties and special trips
  • Reduction of planning costs

Identified potentials

Profit increase
Planning Effort


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Abels & Kemmner brings the optimization potential of supply chains to light and replaces gut feelings with facts.

Thanks to our unique consulting approach, we help companies achieve lasting solutions that we validate, optimize and implement in a secure and agile manner.


As a pioneer in logistics simulation and automation in supply chain management, we combine strategic and operational consulting with powerful digital methods.

A&K's customers include TOP100 performers of the German business from medium-sized businesses and large-scale industry. Supply chain concepts developed by A&K with its customers have won multiple best practice awards.


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