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How to achieve acceptanceIn recent years, more and more companies have turned to automated planning processes in the areas of supply chain management and materials management. Automation of planning processes refers to the use of algorithms and artificial intelligence (AI) to automatically generate forecasts for future sales figures and subsequently plan material and resource requirements

Automation of planning processes

Sales planning is part of corporate planning and includes the determination of which products are to be sold within a certain period of time. It is therefore an essential basis for further corporate planning, since capacity utilisation, staffing requirements and thus investment needs as well as financial requirements depend on the sales plan, among other

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End-to-end supply chain management (E2E) is a comprehensive concept that strives for an efficient supply chain from a holistic point of view, considering all elements that influence the efficiency of the supply chain. Supply chain management typically aims for a continuous and efficient process chain through planning, procurement, production, warehousing, distribution and customer service. E2E complements

Short and Sweet: End-to-End Supply Chain Management

The term “make-to-order” (MtO) is translated as “order production” and means that a product is not produced until a customer order has been received. The make-to-order strategy is often understood as an alternative to the make-to-stock strategy (MtS), in which products are produced on stock for still anonymous customers without existing customer orders. Our hint: Thinking in

Short and sweet: Make-to-Order

The safety stock factor is a multiplier found in some ERP and inventory management systems. This multiplier can be used to increase or decrease a calculated or manually set safety stock proportionally. The safety stock factor can help with items that either regularly do not reach their target delivery readiness or conversely overshoot the required

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