Future challenges for our supply chains in the next 10 years 

Andreas Kemmner

These days I came across the CapGemini 2020 Future Supply Chain Report. It contains predictions of developments in the consumer goods industry and the retail supply chain.

There is nothing really new about the findings, but never the less it is a good summary of developments that might challenge our supply chains in the next years.

Cap Gemini Prediction: Supply Chain related Challenges
Cap Gemini Prediction: Supply Chain related Challenges

The trends and their major impact on supply chain management, as seen by the Cap Gemini consultants are:

  • Increased urbanization
    • larger store sizes
    • changes in distribution infrastructure
  • Aging population
    • other types of delivery services
    • other store formats
    • closer locations
  • Increased spread of wealth
    • a growing middle class in developing regions,
    • source of growth for manufacturers and retailers.
  • Increased impact of consumer technology adoption
    • consumers will influence the buying behavior of other consumers through social media
  • Increase in consumer service demands
    • new service models, offered via the Internet that will move beyond purely selling individual products
  • Increased importance of health and wellbeing
    • sales of healthful products and services are expected to nearly quadruple until 2017.
  • Growing consumer concern about sustainability
    • consumers expect companies to be more climate focused
  • Shifting of economic power to China and India
    • new trade area will evolve
    • more globally competitive companies from the emerging markets
  • Scarcity of natural resources
    • increasing production cost since demand will surmount supplies
  • Increase in regulatory pressure
    • increasing bureaucracy in supply chain management
  • Rapid adoption of supply chain technology capabilities
    • more synchronized value chain with greater visibility and traceability
  • Impact of next-generation information technologies, like cloud computing
    • new ways of cooperation between companies in the supply chain

If you are interested in the full report, you may download it here:

Andreas Kemmner

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Prof. Dr. Kemmner ist Co-CEO der Abels & Kemmner Group und hat in 30 Jahren Beratertätigkeit in Supply Chain Management und Sanierung weit über 200 nationale und internationale Projekte durchgeführt und war über 10 Jahre der einzige öffentlich bestellte Sachverständige für die Wirtschaftlichkeitsbeurteilung von Industriebetrieben in Deutschland.

2012 wurde er von der WHZ zum Honorarprofessor für Logistik und Supply Chain Management bestellt.

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