Sales & operations planning (S&OP)

Sales & operations planning (S&OP)

An efficient and effective S&OP process is above all a data analysis and data processing process, which can only be designed organizationally if the technical processing of the data is implemented at the same time. With our prototyping of the technical support of the S&OP process together with the organizational design of the process, we help you to achieve an operational S&OP process quickly and efficiently.

Today, a statistical or AI sales forecast alone is usually not enough to identify future market requirements or draw up production and financial plans. The sales department has expansion plans, offers projects or runs campaigns that are not included in statistical forecasts. Production capacities, financial restrictions, supplier capacities or other constraints prevent the expected market demand from being met. In such cases, complex coordination processes are required. The aim of the S&OP is to carry this out in an organized and structured manner.

A data-driven S&OP process leads to greater efficiency, lower costs and improved competitiveness.

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