Supply chain management

Supply chain management

The market is demanding ever shorter delivery times for ever more specialized products and supply chains are becoming ever faster. For many companies, the logistics business model no longer fits the company’s business model. The consequences: Despite everyone’s efforts, costs rise and in the end the market penalizes your company due to poor delivery performance.

A cost-effective value chain is initially based on a suitable and economical logistics business model and the right balance between stock and inventory costs on the one hand and the flexibility costs of procurement and production on the other.

Changing a logistics business model can be dangerous if you try it with “trial and error” and turn the real company into a testing ground.

It is safer, faster and more cost-effective to simulate the effects in advance. In this way, we review and optimize your logistics business model, improve the structure of your value chain and adjust the planning and scheduling model so that the required logistics performance is achieved at the lowest possible cost.

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Supply Chain Management
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