Inventory management

Inventory management

Effective and efficient inventory management is essential for the agility and competitiveness of your company! Our comprehensive approach to inventory management aims to efficiently optimize your stock levels while improving delivery quality to significantly increase customer satisfaction and reduce costs to improve profitability.

Significant reduction in inventories

In 75% of cases, we reduce our customers' stock levels by at least 20%, which leads to a more efficient use of resources and a reduction in capital commitment.

Building a digital twin

By using your ERP system data, we create a digital image of your value streams and planning processes in order to precisely analyse and optimise inventory management and associated processes.

Simulation and optimisation

We simulate the value stream behaviour and identify effective strategies for inventory optimisation, supported by advanced software solutions.

Reduction of the planning effort

By implementing efficient and automated processes, we minimise the workload for planners and dispatchers.

Improving delivery readiness

We develop strategies to increase delivery readiness and to determine optimum safety stocks for a flexible market response.

Quick potential check

With our inventory potential analysis, we offer you a quick and efficient initial assessment of your options for reducing your inventory.

With our expertise and innovative technologies, we support you in optimising your inventory management in order to sustainably improve your business performance and customer satisfaction.
Prof. Dr. Andreas Kemmner
Managing Partner

Further advantages

Cost reduction

By optimising inventory management, you can make significant cost savings, especially in warehousing and logistics.

Decision making

Use of advanced analysis tools and methods for data-based decisions and increased efficiency.

Risk minimisation

Improved inventory strategies reduce the risk of overstocking and stock-outs.

Quick potential check - free of charge!

Finally, we offer you our quick potential check, which is free of charge and provides you with an initial assessment of your portfolio optimization potential. This first step helps to identify unused potential in your inventory and lays the foundation for more effective inventory management.

Use our potential check to discover how you can optimize your inventory management to reduce costs, improve delivery readiness and strengthen your competitiveness. Contact us now to find out more about this essential service and how we can help your business manage inventory more efficiently.

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