SAP | ERP Performance

SAP | ERP Performance

The efficiency, effectiveness and acceptance of the materials management functions of an SAP/ERP system depend crucially on the credibility of the demand forecasts and MRP proposals.

To achieve this, many control parameters in the system must be set correctly and readjusted depending on the article behavior.

However, these correct parameters cannot be set “from experience”, as the interaction of the various setting options is too complex.
With our logistics simulation in the digital twin, we support you with a unique tool to determine the right system settings and parameterizations for your specific ERP system and your specific SAP configuration based on empirical data and map them in a materials management expert system with which you can increase the performance of your SAP/ERP system.
We also provide you with the appropriate tools for implementing automated ERP performance management.

The performance system provides the ERP system with strategies and article settings

SAP ERP Performance
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