Simulation using a digital twin

No reliable solutions without simulation!

Based on data from your ERP system, we map value streams and their planning and control processes in a digital twin.

This enables us to empirically simulate the existing situation and a wide range of changes in your inter- and intra-company supply chain in order to identify the need for action and recommend measures.

Analyze, simulate, interpret & optimize

Inventory reduction

Inventory reduction in warehouse and production

Delivery capability

Improving delivery readiness

Scrapping costs

Savings on scrapping costs

Planning effort

Reduction of the planning effort

Special trips

Reduction of contractual penalties and special trips

Yield increase

Increased earnings and improved delivery service

Economical & realistic

We use the digital twin to simulate potential in the ERP system. This data-driven simulation allows us to outline and run through various scenarios without affecting ongoing operations. Developed measures and their effects can be mapped directly and make unused potential visible and usable: precisely, quickly and risk-free.

Field-tested & award-winning

Our experienced supply chain engineers analyze, simulate, interpret and optimize!
Before we simulate, we take a look at your company and your processes. Of course, we are also ready to put the findings into practice. The potential that we regularly uncover and realize together with our customers is diverse and far-reaching.

Logistical optimisation using simulation

In this way, we create data-based transparency, improve the basis for decision-making, eliminate the risk of wrong decisions and thus accelerate the decision-making process.

This type of simulation is our unique selling point and we call it the "optimization of the logistics business model using a digital twin".

We optimise your supply chain. With certainty.