Kopl@ supports the operational purchasing processes for complex parts

by Martin Jürgens and Dr. Götz-Andreas Kemmner

Does your purchasing run efficiently? Personnel resources in purchasing are often used 70% for administrative tasks. With the remaining 30%, profitable purchasing often comes up short. Kopl@ drastically reduces the amount of work involved in the procurement of drawing parts.

Buyers in many companies are still familiar with the situation: in order to obtain quotations for a drawing part, numerous documents are collected together. Cover letters, drawings, forms, company standards and supplementary explanations are compiled, copied several times and sent to a suitable number of suppliers. When the offers come back from the suppliers, they have to be painstakingly evaluated, worked through and compared in terms of their price components. With tasks like these, you realize that eight hours of work go by quickly. The processing effort involved in purchasing complex parts continues to be one of the main organizational problems in purchasing. In many medium-sized companies, buyers are literally stuck in a time trap. There is no time for the profitable part of purchasing, such as price negotiations, searching for and evaluating suppliers or planning campaigns. The result: money is wasted!

Many administrative tasks can be automated: Do you only create one request for all your suppliers? Are your suppliers automatically informed of your new requests? Do you receive all quotation information from your suppliers via the Internet and are they automatically prepared for comparison? Is the submission of offers by your suppliers up to the contract negotiation automatically carried out via workflow after the inquiry? Do you always have an overview of the current status of your suppliers’ inquiries or offers? Can the offers received be automatically compared using selected reports? Can your suppliers call up information on the most favorable offers currently submitted?

A purchasing platform for complex parts has been set up within the Kopl@ cooperation platform, which drastically simplifies the process of obtaining and comparing offers for the tendering company and provides suppliers with better information about the status of their offer and the entire tendering process.

1MartinJürgens is a consultant at Abels & Kemmner, where he is responsible for the design of Kopl@ applications as part of the Collaborative Commerce Group; Dr. Götz-Andreas Kemmner is Managing Director.

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Prof. Dr. Andreas Kemmner

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