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The Herzogenrath-based management consultancy Abels & Kemmner has converted the entire production control and supplier connection at the writing instrument manufacturer Montblanc Simplo to a Kanban organization, thus reducing the inventory value of goods by almost 50 percent.

After the number of articles at Montblanc Simplo rose to over 3,000 in recent years, almost tripling, production planning became increasingly uncertain with the existing management methods. The management therefore decided to restructure the entire planning process along the supply chain. The project, supported by the management consultancy Abels & Kemmner, covered everything from butchery planning and the forecasting process to rolling monthly requirements planning and supplying the regional warehouses.

One result of the project is now the clear separation between strategic and operational planning. Strategic planning at a highly aggregated product level with around 120 items is now determined by the sales locations, which previously had to plan at item level. Operational planning at the main site then works at the detailed item level. In addition, demand peaks and supply bottlenecks are recognized earlier and reduced in good time, which, among other things, increases delivery readiness.

Picture of Prof. Dr. Andreas Kemmner

Prof. Dr. Andreas Kemmner

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