Short & sweet: Stock and readiness for delivery

Inventories are created to compensate for quantitative and temporal discontinuities during the value creation process in the company.

Readiness to deliver indicates whether a requirement can be met in a certain quantity on a desired date. Readiness to deliver can be quantified using the degree of readiness to deliver for both internal and external suppliers.

Our tip: In most cases, stock levels can be reduced and delivery readiness increased at the same time, as the wrong items are often stored in the wrong quantities. This is due to organizational, technical and mathematical-statistical reasons. A well-known study by Abels & Kemmner shows that 75% of all companies have a stock reduction potential of 25% or more. Potential that you can exploit with our support…

We have been advising companies on the design and layout of lean value chains for over 10 years. Our range of tasks extends from sales planning and Kanban to supplier relationship management and from article assortment to inventory and delivery readiness management to the optimization of ERP systems.

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Prof. Dr. Andreas Kemmner

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