Würth wins prize for best supply chain project

Management Circle selects the “Supply Chain Manager 2007

On the occasion of the ManagementCircle event “Supply Chain Manager Forum 2007”, the award ceremony “The Supply Chain Manager 2007” took place at the end of April in Frankfurt/Main. In cooperation with the University of Cologne and other jury members, the organizer selected the best SCM project from the group of applications according to the motto “Streamline structures, create transparency, live flexibility!”. Würth GmbH & Co. KG and its successes in the structural optimization of inventory and scheduling in the Belgian subsidiary were chosen.

Project initiator Armin Breitner and project manager Michel Mondelaers were very satisfied: Inventories were sustainably reduced by 28% while maintaining the previous delivery service level of 98.5%. Two key success factors of the project were the optimal logistical positioning of the supply chain in collaboration with A&K and the use of the DISKOVER planning and optimization tool. DISKOVER uses simulation to determine the optimum processes and settings on a monthly basis and generates order proposals on a daily basis. Further information on the project results has already been reported here, and can be found at: https://ak-online.de/2006-03/pot2006-1-2 and https://ak.neobeta.d e/2007-06/ps2007-3/

Group picture

Prof. Dr. Joachim Kuhn (Daimler-Chrysler), Dr. Petra Seebauer (Logistik Heute), Armin Breitner (Würth Group), Prof. Dr. Ulrich Thonemann (University of Cologne), Dr. Josef Packowski


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Dr. Bernd Reineke

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