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New release from DISKOVER

Thanks to new developments and the drastic expansion of functionalities, DISKOVER SCO is now one of the most modern supply chain optimization systems on the market. Existing DISKOVER installations are currently being converted to the new DISKOVER SCO. Subsidiaries of Abels & Kemmner are responsible for the development: the SCT group of companies.

The SCT Group is now responsible for the ongoing development of the DISKOVER software modules for optimizing supply chains in procurement, production, logistics and distribution. To this end, it has taken over the software development activities of FAST Logistik-Consulting Schweiz GmbH, Zug, and Abels & Kemmner GmbH.

In more and more sectors, it is not only products and their quality that are in competition, but also their supply chains. The planning, control and monitoring of supply chains will always remain a central task of ERP systems in companies. However, many special tasks that have to be carried out throughout the entire supply chain, from procurement to production and distribution, overtax the functionality of ERP systems. So-called advanced planning systems supplement and expand the capabilities of ERP systems with specific planning, control and monitoring functions within the supply chain.

Modules of the new DISKOVER SCO
With its various modules, DISKOVER SCO enables the optimization of the entire supply chain from the supplier’s supplier to the customer’s customer.

At many points in the supply chain where classic ERP systems fall short with their functionality, DISKOVER SCO provides support through special calculation methods and simulation options. The focus is always on ease of use by the user. Our many years of practical experience come into play here. DISKOVER SCO is divided into two module groups, Supply Plan Module and Supply Flow Module.

The Supply Plan modules are essentially concerned with sales forecasting and scheduling. Functions for portfolio analysis, global integration of sales forecasts and capacity planning complement these core functions. The aim of the supply plan modules is to ensure the required delivery readiness with the lowest possible inventories. To this end, the Supply Plan modules work with sophisticated statistical forecasting methods and an extremely powerful simulation.

The supply flow modules pursue the goal of a uniform material flow through production and the entire supply chain. The core functions of material and capacity analysis are supported by special functions for order scheduling and capacity scheduling. The calculation and simulation methods of the supply flow modules are based on the realization that production is a process that cannot be planned in detail. Instead of running further and further behind the reality of operations through ever more detailed planning, the supply flow modules make it possible to adjust inventories along the entire value chain in such a way that the desired logistical goals of throughput time, adherence to delivery dates, capacity utilization and delivery readiness are achieved.

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Dr. Bernd Reineke

Dr. Bernd Reineke

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