Fitness test for SAP

By Dr. Bernd Reineke

Abels & Kemmner has created a tool for SAP that works as simply, quickly and effectively as an ECG during a medical check-up or engine diagnostics in the garage during the annual inspection. This finally provides transparency in SAP scheduling at the touch of a button. As the person responsible for management, you can now put the complex area of planning and scheduling through its paces for the first time with a comparatively simple “app”. A lack of systematics, blanket settings or unused automation options quickly come to light. The tool even automatically identifies realistic inventory reduction potential. The XYZ analysis, which is sorely lacking in SAP, is also integrated. All in all, a great tool. What’s even better is that you can get it for free if you’re quick enough. Just send an email to to ask!

Picture of Dr. Bernd Reineke

Dr. Bernd Reineke

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