Uncovering SAP scheduling gaps

SAP diagnostic plug-in brings transparency to the data jungle

Disposition is still neglected at management level. Too many details and contexts that are difficult to grasp at first glance discourage a closer look. Abels & Kemmner is now shedding light on the darkness of scheduling with the new, unique SAP diagnostic plug-in, which every manager can use quickly, easily and efficiently.

The Excel-based diagnostic tool automatically determines the most important settings and parameters of your SAP system and displays the results graphically. Thanks to the integrated ABC/XYZ article matrix, the status of your disposition is quickly visualized (see illustration). You can also immediately see which settings are being used and how they are distributed in the ABC/XYZ portfolio. Special features or a lack of systematics are thus immediately apparent. The SAP diagnostic plug-in answers questions such as: are the correct replenishment procedures being used, are there flat-rate replenishment times or how is stock distributed in the portfolio? Any need for action can be identified immediately. The tool even automatically identifies existing stock reduction potential.

Quick, quick… Abels & Kemmner presents the firstThe diagnostic connector for SAP systems is available free of charge to 10 interested parties. If you want to be part of it, just send a short email to: diagnose@ak-online.de.

Fig1. ABC/XYZ analysis of article structuring

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