Diagnostic tool shows gaps in SAP scheduling

Disposition at management level is still neglected because too many details and interrelationships that are difficult to grasp at first glance deter people from taking a closer look. With the new SAP scheduling plug-in from Abels & Kemmner, strategic analysis of scheduling is child’s play: the Excel-based diagnostic tool requires only a few clicks for installation and data synchronization with SAP. SAP around 30 minutes.

Meaningful pivot tables and charts are then available, which accurately show the optimization potential and liquidity reserves in the inventories.

The integrated ABC/XYZ article matrix visualizes the status of the disposition. It is also easy to see which settings are actually used and how they are distributed in the ABC/XYZ portfolio. Special features or a lack of systematics quickly catch the eye.

The SAP diagnostic plug-in answers questions such as whether too few MRP procedures are being used, whether there are flat-rate replenishment times or how stocks are distributed in the portfolio. This means that any need for action can be quickly identified. The tool even automatically identifies realistic inventory reduction potential.

Abels & Kemmner focuses on streamlining value chains (supply chain optimization) for series and variant manufacturers as well as wholesale companies.
The second focus is on restructuring and earnings enhancement projects. Here, the consultants develop continuation forecasts as well as restructuring and downsizing concepts and implement these in the
company at.

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