Next year we will make 20 % more turnover!

Does your sales forecast look like this? Can’t it be a little more precise?

What, that’s too time-consuming?

Well, then the planning department can’t do anything with this sales forecast. But beware if the delivery readiness is not right afterwards! Then it’s back to the drawing board – production and procurement are once again the stupid ones.

Yes, that’s right: this scenario is a common occurrence in our corporate world. There is no information on quantities, dates and products that can be used for scheduling. The planner or dispatcher always has to laboriously create these things themselves, if they do anything at all with the sales data. This is because he is often much more comfortable with his experience and gut feeling than with aggregated sales forecasts.

However, the case study of ASK-Chemicals shows how things can be done differently. Sales information is processed with little effort, accurately and consistently, and used for timely provision. Read for yourself…

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Dr. Bernd Reineke

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