Favela organization

Do you know what the shacks in the favelas on the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro have in common with the chic apartments in Ipanema or Arpoador? In principle, both are apartments. Do you know what a soapbox has in common with a Formula 1 racing car? In principle, both are cars.

Do you know what the scheduling of many companies has in common with professional scheduling? Yes, you probably already guessed it…

Do you know what distinguishes the inhabitants of the Brazilian favelas – apart from 9,600 km and a significantly different standard of living – from the managers and employees of many companies? The former are aware of their situation and are happy to accept any help they can get out of it. The latter often don’t even know how unprofessional their work is and think they can do everything themselves.

You can see the result in these companies: Favela organization instead of best practice.

Because we are happy to help you turn a favela into a luxury villa, we have once again put together a lot of interesting and useful information in our newsletter.
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Andreas Kemmner

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Prof. Dr. Andreas Kemmner

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