Show-stopper IT department

Without information technology, we would no longer be able to keep pace with today’s market developments, we would need huge numbers of staff and we would no longer be able to make many decisions reliably and quickly enough. Without the IT departments, hardly anything works in logistics optimization projects.

However, we are increasingly finding that many IT departments are becoming real “show stoppers” that are massively slowing down urgently needed productivity increases and process optimizations.
One of the many reasons for this is the lack of personnel capacity, which means that the queue of users seeking help is getting longer and longer. Rigid and unrealistic key figures regarding the “justified” IT expenditure prevent the necessary increase in personnel.

Although practically all IT departments have to contend with this restriction, it is not the IT departments that are the bottlenecks in all companies. Some departments manage a relatively large amount of business with just a few people, while others manage much less with significantly more staff.

A closer look reveals that the intensity of support provided by the software used is a key factor. It is often forgotten that every classic software system requires a certain amount of support, which usually has to be provided with the available personnel resources.
Especially in the case of the often very specialized ERP add-on systems, this means excessive demands in terms of personnel and expertise. Having the system provider take over the complete support of an add-on system, as our subsidiary, SCT GmbH, offers with its DISKOVER system, saves valuable IT personnel resources, improves user support and is ultimately also more cost-effective.

Andreas Kemmner

Image by THAM YUAN YUAN on Pixabay

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Prof. Dr. Andreas Kemmner

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