Stock spring 2015 – Evaluate your surplus stock

A&K is offering a free overstock analysis for production and retail companies in spring 2015.

How much stock do we actually need? How much liquidity can we gain from our portfolios? Every year and every spring, production and trading companies ask the same question.

But how do you recognize your own excess stock without effort and expense?

As part of the “Spring Stock Promotion 2015”, A&K is offering interested companies from March 21, 2015 until June 20, 2015, we offer a free and non-binding company-specific overstock analysis.

With the E:S:A process, A&K developed an analysis method several years ago in which a statement can be made about the inventory reduction potential of a warehouse level (raw materials/purchased parts – semi-finished goods – finished goods) on the basis of selected master data for each item.

The results of the overstock analysis are as follows

  • Which stock is dispositively liquid (can be reduced within the next six months)
  • Which portfolio can be reduced in the medium to long term
  • Which stock value no longer moves
  • How the inventory reduction curve would look
  • The running costs incurred by the various portfolio components
  • By how much stock ranges and turnover rates can be improved.

Each participating company receives a data entry table for data provision with which a summarized and encrypted data record can be generated from the article master data and sent to A&K; article-specific master data therefore does not leave the company. After evaluating the information provided, the company receives an individual results report.

Interested companies can obtain further information at

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