Cooperation with the AWF – The Disposition Working Group

One of the working groups that Prof. Kemmner supervises at the AWF is the Disposition working group. When the current working group was founded in April 2014, so many interested companies were found that the working group was bursting at the seams. Another Dispo-AG will therefore be launched on June 16, 2015 and the number of interested parties is once again high.
But what exactly happens in such an AG and what are the advantages for the participating companies?

AWF working groups have a long tradition and many satisfied participants. Discussing and working on practical topics together in a relaxed, open atmosphere, exchanging experiences with other participants, picking up ideas with open eyes on site during a tour of the company, dealing with current topics in a network of experts even beyond the meeting dates helps the working group participants to constantly improve their business processes with new ideas.

The special feature of all AWF working groups is that the topics to be discussed within the specialist areas are determined by the future working group members themselves at the inaugural meeting of a working group.

The general objectives of the new Disposition working group are as follows:

  • To jointly discuss the direction and design of an efficient increase in production and scheduling,
  • To present and discuss current trends and developments,
  • To encourage a network that exchanges experiences and suggestions on planning and controlling logistics process chains beyond the meetings and
  • To discuss defined current problem areas in production planning and control and to find solutions together.

The temporal structure of the AWF-AGs:

The duration of AWF working groups is determined by the working group members for a specific period, usually three years. The meetings are held alternately at the members’ companies. There are usually four meetings per year.

The meetings usually last 1 1/2 days, with the first half day being reserved for the host and the exchange of experiences. The host company presents its existing solutions in the subject area of the respective working group. The detailed company tours are always highly interesting for the participants and are followed by an evaluation of what they have seen and heard by the members of the working group. At a joint dinner, not only are the contacts deepened, but the topics are also discussed in depth. On the second day, the main areas of work defined by the members of the working group at the inaugural meeting will be worked through in presentations, discussions and workshops.

The number of participants in AWF working groups is limited to a maximum of 20 companies in order to enable effective and goal-oriented work and to address the specific problems of the working group members.

Picture of Prof. Dr. Andreas Kemmner

Prof. Dr. Andreas Kemmner

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