In a nutshell: Maximum stock

The maximum stock level is the maximum amount of an item that may be in stock. Sometimes the maximum stock level is seen purely as a controlling value to ensure that an item is not stored too generously. Items that are above the maximum stock level are therefore overstocked. In many ERP systems, however, the maximum stock level has an important control function as a maximum stock limit that must not be exceeded.

Our tip:

In order to avoid surplus stock, the maximum stock level should not be used. This goal can be achieved by scheduling by means of check-in times. The maximum stock level is always important and helpful when an item must not exceed a certain stock threshold for capacity, technical, chemical or legal reasons. Tanks cannot be overfilled, for legal reasons only maximum quantities of certain chemicals may be stored and for safety reasons maximum quantities may not be exceeded. Please also note that the maximum stock level does not work for all MRP procedures in every ERP system.

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