An integration figure for IT systems

Integration figures are sought-after personalities. They build bridges between groups or parties that are too different to approach each other themselves. The integration figures skillfully bring these parties together and thus contribute to a communication that would not have been possible in this way, but contributes significantly to the functioning of a community.

There are also barriers to communication in IT systems. Within a company, there are many different programs that are not or only insufficiently connected. The consequences of this are, for example, duplication of work, time-consuming data transfers or simply wrong decisions due to a lack of information.

Quite a few of our customers are struggling with their heterogeneous IT landscapes. The reasons for this vary. The classic approach is to acquire companies that use other IT systems for the same tasks. Even if an SAP user takes over another SAP user, there are considerable communication problems between the companies that can only be bridged with a great deal of effort. In materials management in particular, these system disruptions are painful due to a lack of transparency and considerable manual effort in planning, scheduling, production and purchasing. In many cases, we were able to significantly improve the situation with DISKOVER SCO.

For example, DISKOVER SCO has enabled global sales and operations planning (S&OP) involving three different SAP clients in four continents. Another example is a group of companies that is gradually converting its sites to a new ERP system. While Site A has already switched to the new ERP system, DISKOVER SCO is building bridges to the old ERP world by mapping the intercompany processes automatically.

DISOKOVER SCO has also played a role in the integration of IT systems in another customer project. Read about this in our article on Sihl in today’s edition of our newsletter. Three locations with different ERP systems are integrated in terms of data technology with a level of transparency that would not have been possible before. Have fun reading!

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