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Nothing leads to success more reliably and cost-effectively than well-designed joint ventures

Scheduling and production control are the heart of the company and pump the flow of goods through the value chain. They decide on 30 to 40% of the company’s turnover; sometimes even more. Nevertheless, we all know that the possibilities are not being fully exploited and that there is still great potential to be tapped. Becoming more productive in the operational service areas is of central importance for the future success of the company. This applies even more to companies that are currently in a poor economic situation.

However, large consulting projects are not always required to leverage this potential. These tend to be the exception when it comes to making a big leap forward. Much more important in practice are the infinite number of small ideas and examples of what can be done and improved, how something works or doesn’t work, which set change in motion and help us move forward. This is a great source of innovation and process improvements.

The exchange with other specialist colleagues from other companies is indispensable for this, in order to learn from each other’s experiences, gain new ideas and quickly gather experience.

In my experience, there is no better and more cost-effective approach than AWF working groups to drive innovation and continuous improvement in day-to-day business. By participating in the working group, you will gather new ideas, broaden your horizons, avoid operational blindness and build up helpful contacts. And your company benefits directly financially from the organizational and technical improvements that occur automatically.

One WG participant once put it this way: “You discuss, listen and write in the WG meetings and the notepad fills up and fills up with valuable ideas and solutions!

The new AWF working group “Scheduling and Production Control” is currently being set up. However, for reasons of efficiency and health, the non-binding and free inaugural meeting of the WG will take place online and the number of participants will be limited to 20 companies.

Further information can be found on the AWF website and in this flyer for download. If you do not yet have any experience with AWF working groups, I will be happy to help you or put you in touch with a participant who can share their experiences with you.

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