In a nutshell: Incoming goods processing time (WEBAZ)

The goods receipt processing time represents the average time it takes for an item to be available for planning after it has been delivered. It typically consists of the time for processing the item in goods receipt and in QA as well as the time for storing the item in the warehouse. The WEBAZ extends the period until an item is available after ordering and thus increases the effective replenishment time.

Our tip:
Many users like to use this effect of WEBAZ to build up additional security for the replacement time of an item. If you think you need to include additional security in the replenishment lead time of an item, use the security time for this, as this is the only way to ensure transparency in the various time components. In addition, the WEBAZ should be regularly adjusted to the current situation and not understood as a static value, which unfortunately often happens.

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Prof. Dr. Andreas Kemmner

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