The long road to automated scheduling

Automation is increasingly advancing with the Industry 4.0 trend. It is therefore surprising that automation in administrative areas, such as scheduling, has not progressed any further. Because smart data can also be used in scheduling.

Never before has so much data been generated in companies – and unfortunately so little has been done with it. But how do you turn “big data” into smart data? The “heart” of every company – scheduling – will be used to demonstrate possible solutions.

The main challenge, and therefore the decisive key to “Disposition 4.0”, lies in the intelligent evaluation of the enormous amounts of data that are available in today’s ERP systems due to the increasing digitalization of processes and are constantly growing.

You can find out more in PROCURE SWISS MAGAZINE (Switzerland)  in issue 02/2020 on pages 24-25 or online at

Image: Thrive Themes

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Dr. Bernd Reineke

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