Using artificial intelligence realistically

from Andreas Schnittker

We spoke to Professor Dr. Götz Andreas Kemmner. […]

In the interview, he pleads for a realistic view of artificial intelligence.

Prof. Kemmner, today we hear a lot about artificial intelligence, or AI for short, which companies absolutely have to use in order to remain successful. Why do we need AI at all?

Today, AI is a buzzword and should not be missing from any marketing statement. However, this irritates practitioners much more than it helps them to use AI in the right place. AI methods can indeed help in many areas where we cannot make progress with traditional methods. Conversely, this does not mean that everything gets better with AI.

So is AI overrated?

It can’t solve everything. Let me make this concrete…

You can read the full article on the Trend Report magazine website.

Picture of Prof. Dr. Andreas Kemmner

Prof. Dr. Andreas Kemmner

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