Supply Chain Management

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Supply Chain Management (SCM) or supply chain management is a complex challenge, even for professionals. There are interrelationships along the entire value chain of a product within a company that are not always immediately apparent.

With our special analysis approaches , proven in countless projects and , we replace the fog of gut feeling with facts and clear correlations. We underpin solutions with technical aids and implement changes quickly.

Inventory reduction

Better planning and control of stock enables managers to reduce storage costs and free up capital that can be invested elsewhere.

Cost savings

Optimising the supply chain leads to considerable cost savings by minimising inefficient processes, stock levels and transport costs.

Delivery capability

An optimised supply chain enables companies to improve delivery capability and ensure that products are delivered to customers on time, which increases customer satisfaction.

Risk minimisation

Effective supply chain optimisation helps to minimise risks caused by supplier problems, natural disasters or other unforeseen events.


Modern supply chain management tools provide business leaders with better visibility of their supply chain and enable advanced data analyses to make informed decisions.

Competitive advantage

Companies that successfully optimise their supply chain gain a competitive advantage by reacting more quickly to market developments, offering better customer service and working more efficiently overall.

Our solutions for your potential

Supply Chain Experts

Abels & Kemmner brings the optimization potential of supply chains to light and replaces gut feeling with facts.

Thanks to our unique consulting approach, we help companies to develop sustainable concepts that we validate and optimize and implement in a secure and agile manner.

Innovation & experience

As a pioneer in logistics simulation and automation in supply chain management, we combine strategic and operational consulting with powerful digital methods.

A&K’s clients include TOP100 performers in the German SME and large industrial sectors.

Supply chain concepts that A&K has developed with its customers have won several best practice awards.

Data-based simulation
by means of a digital twin

Our expertise in the quantitative improvement of supply chain processes and the application of dynamic simulations plays a key role in helping our customers to achieve superior competitiveness.

Supply Chain Management
for the best possible transparency &
decision-making basis

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