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Publicly appointed expert for the profitability assessment of industrial companies

On January 18, 2005, Dr. Kemmner, managing partner of A&K, was publicly appointed and sworn in by the Aachen Chamber of Industry and Commerce as an “expert for the profitability assessment of industrial companies”. Dr. Kemmner is thus one of three publicly appointed experts in Germany for this specialist area and is therefore also available to you as a neutral expert if required.

The neutral assessment of the profitability of industrial companies is becoming increasingly important, not only in the context of Basel II, but also due to the ever tougher competition in the industry. In addition to the assessment of purely financial and accounting figures, the focus is on evaluating the efficiency of production and logistics, as well as the company’s organization, product range and market prospects. With this task, publicly appointed experts for the profitability assessment of industrial companies close a serious gap in neutral company valuation, which exists wherever pure auditing tasks reach their limits.

Typical tasks of experts for the profitability assessment of industrial companies are

  • Profitability reports in the context of the purchase or sale of industrial companies
  • Performance due diligence
  • Identification and realization of rationalization potentials and productivity potentials in industrial companies, including procurement and production logistics, sales and product portfolio
  • Preparation of restructuring reports and continuation forecasts for banks, investors and insolvency administrators
  • Performance-based reorganization and restructuring of insolvent companies or companies at risk of insolvency
  • Profitability assessment of investment projects
  • Assessment of the feasibility of restructuring measures
Prof. Dr. Andreas Kemmner

Prof. Dr. Andreas Kemmner

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