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Member of the Bundestag Helmut Brandt honors Herzogenrath company

Herzogenrath, 11.07.2016 – During his visit to TPH in Herzogenrath, Member of the German Bundestag Helmut Brandt also visited the consulting firm Abels & Kemmner, which was recently named one of the best management consultancies in Germany at the German SME Summit in Essen.

During his visit, Brandt acknowledged the consulting team’s commitment to combating waste: “It is important that we use our resources sparingly and sustainably. If our SMEs also benefit from the fact that more money is available for investment, then I am happy to support Abels & Kemmner’s commitment to sustainable inventory management.”

Abels & Kemmner’s consultants ensure that exactly the right quantity of goods is always delivered to where it is needed in industry and trade. This work is important for brand owners, the manufacturing industry, wholesalers and chain stores to ensure customer satisfaction. “What customer wants to wait a long time for goods these days?” explains Dr. Bernd Reineke, Managing Director of Abels & Kemmner. Nevertheless, no company can afford to hold too much stock, which ties up capital and increases the risk of having to throw away goods. An optimized supply chain saves costs and protects the environment. In times when resources are becoming scarcer and waste is becoming more and more of a focus, the work of Abels & Kemmner is therefore becoming increasingly important.

Herzogenrath consultants donate sustainability prize

To underline the importance of sustainable inventory management, Abels & Kemmner is sponsoring the “Golden Shopping Trolley” sustainability award from 2017. It is awarded to companies that have made great progress towards sustainable inventory management in recent years. As Mr. Brandt’s visit was the inspiration for this award, Dr. Reineke presented Mr. Brandt with the first prototype of the award. Helmut Brandt expressed his thanks and promised to help the advisors find a suitable patron for this award. He is already in talks with the Federal Ministry of Research and Education in this regard.

Picture of Dr. Bernd Reineke

Dr. Bernd Reineke

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